Lightweight Steel Solutions

Light steel structure in the economic and prefosyonel solutions Togiya

Why light steel?


Today, machine, Along with the development of computer systems and software systems in mild steel, Instead of going through the traditional construction system… Mild steel end-user cost control systems, aesthetic, speed, offers trust and economy.

Special structures consisting of galvanized steel, with the technology of the new century is beginning to compete against traditional construction technology.

Light steel system end users in a short time thanks to stylish, aesthetic, robust and economical buildings are getting. Energy prices rose today, thanks to the excellent insulating buildings more than fifty percent of fuel consumption falls.

Earthquakes often occur nowadays that people are now more robust, they feel extremely safe in lighter structures.
Environmentally sensitive, Those who want to get away from the coldness of the concrete by preferring light steel structure system so 50 recycled materials and less energy spent contributes to the environment more, causes less trees to cut.

Light steel system operation



First of all buildings and projects to be done according to the location of the seismic loads, ground surveys, snow load, wind load, fixed and moving loads are determined.

This value is based on the architecture and structure of static calculations in accordance with generally accepted international and CAD with softares (PROCAD, PROCAM, FrameWARE) structural design and material cross-section is determined.
The prepared data is uploaded to a computer controlled roll form machine. ISO standards are specially manufactured galvanized steel coils are processed without interruption in roll form machine.

Manufacturing ESMA required for installation of all the buckling, bolt and screw locations, vertical and diagonal through-holes with electric and water service installation holes are produced with zero error. The profiles are available on the project name, about the unit number and the group number is printed.

Both profiles have prepared on site in the factory environment, combined with galvanized screws is ready for installation. All manufacturing is computer controlled and perfect for precision scales, miter and smoothness gives.

Architectural and structural design of the building where they will be detected and all the walls to the floor by, undercoat flooring, roof trusses, roof and suspended ceiling panels screw, with screws and specially galvanized fittings, are mounted in a short time. Then the predetermined internal and external coating materials are coated with.


Mild Steel raw material quality

dilimlenmis_sac-5On the seismic line construction in our country after the earthquake last of Standards has become safer. According to the earthquake zone and the construction grade concrete quality, beam-column sections and rebar used to be within the standards set. Prefabricated steel structure used in systems such as this have to. My steel, galvanized steel sheet in view of the market as well as the content may seem like a different structure. ETCs and tensile strength of steel structure with a high degree of hardness is. S320 in said steel (Quality no virtue 1332) S350 (Quality no virtue 1335) steel material is used. If I use standard zinc coating thickness 270 gr / sqm galvanized steel sheet according to normal and about 3 times more coating has.