Who We Are?

Togi Metal 2013 In, In Malatya 1976 A company has been operating since the year Özkalit Karaduman Jalal Abbas and 2004 precast industry since signing to a very successful project was founded by Joseph Sanlu. Tog Metal's infrastructure 1900 total container production units, have hundreds of domestic and overseas construction and housing projects are. Togi Metal Malatya 2. Organized Industrial Zone 20 thousand square meters of open; 5 including thousand square off 25 thousand square meters, has been active in.



Togi Metal, architectural identity that, different concepts in the economic, implement safety and aesthetic projects; production, sales and after sales to ensure customer satisfaction and lasting friendships in the process of converting, friendly, reliable, To provide a professional service, Always the entrepreneur, innovative and open to development to improve production quality by renewing itself with the identity. We specialize in all areas of our country are not only the best of each service and quality of scientific principles in the first place fields of, In addition to being a leader of an organization always be able to remain a leader.


Our Mission


We specialize in all matters of contemporary, reliable, environmentally sensitive, respect the rights of clients, emphasis on quality service and products, contributing to the training needs of employees, innovator, accept positive change and continuous self-improvement is to be a leading institution. By applying the principles of sustainable development and enhance their experience of success, by moving them into the international arena and to take our place among the leading companies of the sector.






politikaWe are adopting the concept of continuous quality improvement and Share. By offering our customers the best products and services, We keep customer satisfaction above all else. We are adopting the concept of team and experienced. We develop the knowledge and skills of our team improves. An organization that continuously improve the service we provide innovative. According to the standards of a reference rate our product and service offering. Increasing our understanding of quality and service, under the security umbrella allows you to reach all our customers are.



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